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2021 Domenica's Block Chardonnay
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This is the third vintage wine from the Domenica’s Block of Chardonnay. Named after the Grandmother of the Two Sisters, these vines are planted adjacent to the Estate. The 2021 Domenica’s Block Chardonnay is an extraordinary combination of vineyard source and winemaking technique. The wine can be noticeably cloudy, once agitated, as the wine is unfiltered and bottled ‘sur lie’ (with its yeast).

Tasting this wine offers two different opportunities. Pouring the wine carefully without agitation will result in a clear sample with less ‘yeastiness’. Once agitated, the yeastiness is more evident on the nose, and harmonizes perfectly with the pronounced notes of oak and fruitiness. The first-use French oak barrels are the source of the more prominent wood character. Pear, apple, citrus and subtle gingery notes round out the nose. The wine is rich and textured on the palate, thanks at least in part to the ageing and bottling with the spent yeast. The fruitiness and barrel notes are underscored by hints of minerality. The wine finishes like a symphony, elegantly composed with a balance of layered and lingering flavours.

2021 Domenica's Block Chardonnay

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