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Sustainability & Vineyard Management

Our winemaking team takes a low-intervention approach to wine production to deliver ultra-premium wines each and every season. To ensure we can consistently take this approach, meticulous vineyard management practices are in place which gives our vines the best possible environment to grow in. Every vineyard management decision made here at Two Sisters is about producing the best possible expression of each of the varieties that we grow. We focus our vineyard management practices on sustainable approaches that allow us to consistently produce ultra-premium harvests and allow the best of the vineyard and grapes to shine.

Soils & Sun

Two primary factors that we manage in the production of our ultra-premium wine grapes are vineyard soils and sunlight. Our team measures and manages soils for the necessary qualities to provide the best possible soil environment for the grapevine to perform its essential function of ripening wine grapes. To ripen our grapes for ultra-premium winemaking, we also need to take advantage of sunlight. We carefully manage the grapevine canopy by hand using shoot thinning, shoot positioning, and removal of leaves around the grape clusters. This optimizes the sunlight received by the vine which maximizes ripening, flavour development, and grape quality.


Sustainability is foremost in our decision making in all aspects of vineyard management. Our goal is to minimize our impact on our vineyard soils and find alternatives to environmentally harmful practices. We use a science-based, decision-making process and evidence-based practices in the vineyard to reduce risks from grape pests in a way that minimizes environmental risks. This allows us to optimize and reduce the inputs required to improve vine health and increase wine quality. Ultimately, its our intention to keep the vineyard managed in a way that allows for sustainable wine growing for many generations.


Our wines have always been vegan. Some wine consumers might not know this but there is choice when it comes to the wine fining agents that are used. In order for us to make the best possible wines for our brand, we choose to use vegan agents. We know that many consumers look for vegan options and we are proud that we make the conscious decision to produce our wines so that they can remain vegan friendly.