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Two Sisters Vineyards

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Curated Collections

by adam pearce, Head Winemaker

Effortless and easy. We have reimagined our collections and put our Head Winemaker and his expert craftsmanship at the helm.
Personally hand-picked wines, these collections are perfect for gifting, sharing or keeping for yourself and your cellar. 



Adam's Collection

“Wine has always been my passion and I consider myself so fortunate to live and work in this incredible wine region. We are a cool climate region and I love being able to lean into that when it comes to crafting our wines. For me, it’s all about letting the vineyard take centre stage in the fruit that it produces. I do what I need to do but it’s about stepping back and really embracing a non-interventalist approach so that the grapes can speak for themselves. 

Though there is something special about all the wines my team and I create, it's my pleasure to be able to share some of my personal favourites in my new collections. The first collection, The Winemaker's Cellar, is a representation of the necessities for my cellar. Of course these wines can be enjoyed now but I encourage you to lie a few down and see how incredible they will be as time evolves. 

The second collection, The Essentials, is a showcase of the staples for me. My favourite of our reds and whites plus, our beautiful Blanc de Franc which is incredibly special since it was the first sparkling in Ontario to be made from 100% Cabernet Franc. For all of these wines, enjoy a bottle now and lay the other down to be savoured later.”

-Adam Pearce, Head Winemaker

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Additional Collections
Exclusive collection price of $150

Enjoy our beautiful Winter Icewine Collection, a trio of two Cabernet Sauvignon Icewines and one Riesling Icewine. A wonderful apéritif served with cheese and charcuterie, a decadent pairing with chocolates and dessert, or simply the perfect sipper on a cold winter evening enjoyed by a fire with loved ones.

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SKU: 11192020

Wine & Cheese Collection

Join us virtually on Thursday March 4th at 6:00 p.m. for a bespoke evening of TSV wines and Ontario cheeses. Afrim Pristine, owner of the iconic Cheese Boutique will come together with Estate Sommelier, Lorie O’Sullivan, to break down the pairing process and talk through some exquisite wine and cheese pairings.

The collection includes:

2017 Blanc de Franc
Cheese Pairing: 5 Brothers Reserve; a firm, farmstead cows milk cheese, aged 2 years with beautiful nut flavours and aromatics

2018 Riesling
Cheese Pairing: Bon Secret; a washed, rind style Brie – creamy and perfectly funky

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon
Cheese Pairing: Mountainoak Dairy; a classically made,  Holstein milk Gouda, aged 2 years

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine
Cheese Pairing: Celtic Blue; award-winning cows milk blue cheese, aged 4 months with deep, rich blue veins

 You will also receive house-made crostini, Ontario Honeycomb, cranberry flatbreads and caramelized onion chutney to complement the collection.

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/ Wine and Cheese
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