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Two Sisters Vineyards

A Reason to Blush With Rosé

A Reason to blush with Rosé will be back in Spring 2020. Stay Tuned! 


Two things we love at Two Sisters Vineyards are a glass of wine for any occasion and supporting other women. A Reason to Blush With Rosé combines those two loves! We've teamed up with Gillian's Place, the first safe haven in Niagara for abused women and children, to make sure all your Rosé needs are met for the summer. A portion of each subscription sold will be donated in support of Gillian's Place

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  • Membership will continue in perpetuity until cancellation by member with a minimum of 1 months notice.
  • Prices include bottle deposit, taxes and shipping.
  • All benefits are subject to availability and can change at any time.
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