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Two Sisters Vineyards

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In the midst of the exceptional, we find the extraordinary.

Stone Eagle is Two Sisters’ flagship – the vintage’s most complex, elegant and age-worthy wines. This family of blends is created from the estate’s best Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. They are a worthy addition to any collector’s cellar or to celebrate a special occasion.

Eagles thrive in northern Italy’s Veneto region, located close to the Italian Alps. Benny Marotta, the patriarch of the Two Sisters family, was driving through the area when he passed a small yard with a stone eagle standing guard at the front gate. Instantly smitten, he stopped to explore and found the majestic bird was the work of an 80-year-old stone mason.

A lifetime of craftsmanship was evident in the sculpture, carved from a single block of stone. The artisan was still working on the first when the family requested a second, identical but facing the other way. Each took two years to make, entirely by hand. Once complete, they were transported to Canada where they now perch at the entrance to the Two Sisters estate.

With the 2013 vintage, the sisters and winemaker Adam Pearce decided to expand the flagship to a family of wines showing the unique qualities of each of the varieties grown on site.